Disaster Response

Preparing for, responding to, and recovering from disasters and traumatic events is essential to the behavioral health of individuals and communities alike.

Transicare has been the provider of choice for meeting the unique needs that evolve with unanticipated behavioral health care system disruptions or system response to disasters. Beginning with hurricane Katrina and most recently hurricane Harvey, the North Texas Behavioral Health Authority has relied on Transicare for tailored care responses.

Beginning in 2005 Transicare developed services to meet the disaster response needs of Dallas county. For hurricanes Katrina, Gustave, Ike, and Harvey, Transicare provided on-site 24/7 coverage to address a range of behavioral health concern including triage, psychological first aid, crisis intervention, transportation, pharmacy assistance, nursing care and medication management for specialized needs. In 2014, Transicare was part of the first behavioral health response to Ebola in the United States addressing a range of needs for a quarantined individual.