Our Values


We see the relationship as foundational in creating the opportunity to do anything we do. Without it, we are ineffective.



Without compassion the nature of the working relationship is limited.



We believe that authenticity is mandatory in creating the type of relationship offering the greatest potential for change.



We believe that the individuality of each person is not so much a value but rather the truth and value remaining aware to this fact.



We believe that presence goes hand in hand with a real appreciation of the individuality of the person served. If you are present the uniqueness of each person is clear.



We see authentic hope as instrumental in creating the potential for change and that hope must evolve from the reality of the presenting life situation.  



We see meaning as a primary need and is central to setting the compass that guides one’s life. Our purpose is not to direct the meaning an individual is experiencing but to support its evolution by being present to, and validating their experience as legitimate.